kristina vystartaite

I love creating and seeing my vision come to life. Crafting has always come naturally to me. When I was younger I made jewelry as a way to make extra money while I was in college. Photography is another passion of mine. Capturing a moment in time fulfills me. Scenery such as the forest, beach side or mountain rages. Children and animals. As well as product imagary and food.

We have all been spending extra time at home recently and made me wonder how can I utalize my time in a more productive way. I found some candle making supplies in my mom's closet and thought it would be a fun evening to make some candles for myself, my family and my friends. WOW, instant gratification! The aromas fill the room and you can instantly create something beautiful. I quickly went to researching scents and formulas. I knew I wanted to share this with others. Packaging is important, however, I didn't want just another glass container. Thrifting came to mind! Findind items second hand not only makes every piece unique, it also helps our enviroment! Reusing an unwanted item gives it a new life!

The Chakra Series have a special place in my heart. My mom is an energy healer and I learn a lot from her about vibrations, energies, and love. Chakra balacing, meditation, and energy work is so imporant to our overall body health. I wanted to create candles that have certain aromas that evoke balance in our chakra centers. A few years back I was attuned to level one Reiki. While creating these candles not only am I doing them with joy and love in my heart, I am infusing each batch with Reiki.

All candles are

Soy Wax
Natural Cotton Wick
Clean Burning Scent
Phthalate Free
Prop 65 Warning Safe
Made with Love
Handpoured candle in Santa Monica CA