Crystal + Aroma Therapy SACRAL CHAKRA Cement Candle

Crystal + Aroma Therapy SACRAL CHAKRA Cement Candle

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Chakra Series candles...but elevated! Each Chakra has crystals that help align and balance those chakras. These candles combine aroma therapy via the scent of the candle + crystal therapy from selected crystals. 

Handpoured concrete vessel. Please note that due to the handmade nature of the concrete vessels, each will vary in texture, color and some may come with beautiful imperfections. Crystals may vary in size and coloring. You may want to remove the toppings when the wax pool reaches it to prevent fire accidents and excess smoke.

Handpoured American Soy Wax + Clean Burning Scents + Cotton Wick.

 ~4oz of candle with ~ 10-12 hours of burn time if burned properly. Burning a candle properly means that you will allow the candle to create a full melt pool every time you light the candle. *This geometric shape sometimes has a hard time creating a full melt pool, but due to concrete retailing heat well, the wax will melt all the way through towards the end of the candle.



Sexuality, relationships, pleasure. Affects: reproductive organs, lower back, digestion, urinary tract, lower intestines. It is also the seat of sensuality, emotion, and creativity.
Overactive: Greediness, Addiction, Anxiety, Compulsiveness, and Frustration
Underactive: Disinterest, Self Deprivation, Denial of bodily pleasure and Repressed feelings
Balanced Sacral Chakra will help to fill you with self-appreciation, pleasure, balance creativity and emotions.

Crystal: Carnelian

Carnelian stones are believed to be great for balancing body energy levels, increasing coordination during physical exercise regimes, and as training aids. This is because Carnelian can help to stimulate the muscles and allow oxygen to flow smoothly within the body

Scent Profile: Top: Bergamot, Grapefruit Middle: Orange, Green Leaves, Neroli Base: Cedar

Chakras are energy centers in our bodies that not only hold our emotions but can also detect inblances in our physical and emotional body. Individual circular spinning wheels of energy located throughout the body. The Chakra System is a complex network of energy channels connecting these wheels and is mapped throughout the whole body, much like a spiritual nervous system. There are seven centers in the body: ROOT, SACRA, SOLAR PLEXUS, HEART, THROAT, THIRD EYE, CROWN.

Scents curated for the chakra candles are selected to balance and rejuvenate that particular chakra center.